A Beginners Guide to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go is the latest sensation in the world of gaming. Being one of the most enjoyed games on smartphones it was developed by Nintendo and Niantic labs for iOS and android users. It is based on real time location and augmented reality. If you are gaming enthusiast then this is your perfect guide to begin playing Pokemon Go!

A Brief on The Game Theme

Pokemon Go is basically an advanced and more realistic version of Pokemon games. The basic blocks of the game still lie on catching Pokemon, evolving your creatures, battling at gyms and so on. But the twist in the tale comes with the addition of augmented reality to this otherwise simple game.

You are actually made to walk or even run in real time along with your friends on a pursuit to catch the pokemon. You will check into various historical monuments and make new friends around you which are known as PokeStops and Poketrainers respectively in the world of Pokemon Go.

How to Get Started?

You can download the Pokemon Go app from the Google or Apple play store. Create an account by registering with your primary google account. If you do not want to share your primary details with the application you can create another google account exclusively for the game.

Customising Your Avatar

Right after creating an account your Pokemon Go character know as a “trainer” will be available for you. You can customise the character with various in built features like gender, hair style, hair color, eye color, clothes, back pack and hat. At this stage you are also required to choose a name that the other players will see when you hold a gym.

Things on Your Screen

Right after this you can see the Pokemon world on the screen except the buildings around you. The following are some of the things you will see on your screen even when you are not moving.

● Pokemon :  You visit this place when you want to evolve, power up or heal any of the Pokemons. This is where you will find all the Pokemon’s you have caught alive.

● Items :  This section consists of all the items that you have either purchased or acquired from the PokeStops.

● Avatar :  This feature will appear on the bottom left with the face of your avatar and your current level. By tapping on this you will be able to see your current stats like coins, level and team.

● Pokedex :  It is a catalog consisting of all the information about different breeds of Pokemon you have caught and is yet to catch.

● Nearby Pokemon :  By tapping on this white rectangle displayed on the bottom left of your screen you can find the nearest Pokemon and marks indicating its distance from you.

Capturing the pokemon

Once you have got acquainted with these things you are all set to get into the actual play area. By wandering around in the wild you will be able to find the nearest Pokemon. Your phone will vibrate and pop and image of the Pokemon when you are set to capture it.

You now have all the information needed to start playing this fun and adventurous game. Stay tuned to this place for advanced Pokemon Go tips and tricks!